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Why Fleet Managers Invest in Case Heavy Equipment Above Other Brands

Por qué los administradores de flotas invierten en Case Heavy Equipment

Fleet managers wear many hats. In addition to ensuring the pristine running order of their construction fleet, they are also responsible for lengthening the heavy equipment’s lifetime value, scheduling maintenance and repairs, purchasing the right construction machinery for specific tasks, and they must ensure the business is positioned to see substantial growth based on the abilities of their heavy equipment fleet. 

Needless to say, finding the right brand is paramount to their role and responsibilities, and for decades Case heavy equipment has the best construction machinery trusted by fleet managers in all industries. This article will go into more detail covering why fleet managers trust Case heavy equipment above all the other brands.

Case Heavy Equipment is Award-Winning

When it comes to winning a plethora of awards and recognition, Case heavy equipment is at the top of the victory podium. In 2019 Case heavy equipment won the Good Design Award for its methane-powered wheel loader. In addition, Case construction machinery won the Tractor of the Year (TOTY) designation with its Magnum 380 CVT. Case heavy equipment also won four awards in 2019 from Construction Equipment Magazine. These are for the CASE DV Series small-frame vibratory rollers, N Series backhoes, 2050M dozer landfill configuration and the Laser Grading Box attachment.

Case has also won dozens of awards for making improvements to cabin comfort, operational ease, and for its lifetime values. When you invest in Case heavy equipment, you benefit from true innovation.

Fleet Managers Love Case Heavy Equipment for its Pioneering Reputation

Not many construction machinery brands can claim to be the inventor of a major piece of construction machinery. However, Case heavy equipment can boast this accolade. In the mid 1940s a Massachusetts-based water utility put out the call for a construction equipment company to design a single machine, with the right specs, that performs the tasks of three individual machines. Case heavy equipment stepped up and designed the world’s first backhoe loader. Every brand in the industry has its own version of the backhoe loader, but Case set the bar beyond reach by being a true innovator and designing the world’s first. Why invest in a copied design when you can have the high-quality original? For this reason alone, fleet managers from city planners to agriculture invest in Case heavy equipment, and remain loyal brand advocates. 

Case has the Best Technicians, Period

Almost all construction machinery brands recruit mechanics from trade and tech schools who have been trained to work on a wide range of construction machines. However, Case recruits their own techs and trains them to solely work on Case heavy equipment, without ever touching another brand‚Äôs gear. In order to perform maintenance and repairs on Case construction machinery, one must be a certified Master Technicians‚Äďa coveted title one can only hold once passing rigorous hands-on and written exams.¬†

Fleet managers value these techs because they ensure vehicles are running in perfect condition, they extend the lifetime value, and repairs can be made immediately 24/7 by the best techs on the planet. Call a Case dealer near your headquarters or work site today, and discover the value.

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