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Why are hotels a good business idea?

Una idea de negocio hotelera rentable con servicios de piscina.

Hotels are an excellent business idea throughout Mexico, as more and more tourists come to this beautiful part of the world every day, let’s see why.


Do you have a property? Turn it into a hotel!


Many times some families have rural or vacation homes, and even urban ones that they do not use constantly, so an excellent solution to receive an extra income and take advantage of the property is to convert it into a hotel.


You don’t necessarily have to have a very large space. The boutique hotel Todos Santos, for example, is one of the most famous in the region, having a space large enough for its clients to enjoy the tranquility of an excellent vacation spot, but without being so big.


In fact, boutique hotels and vacation homes generally receive more customers, because they are cheaper than luxury hotels. The important thing is that you have a way to cover the basic needs of customers.


For example, in the case of vacation homes, it is important that they have an equipped kitchen, living room, dining room, auxiliary chairs, at least one television, internet connection, and, of course, equipped bedrooms.

If you want to turn your country house into a boutique hotel, each room must have its own key, and have adequate bathrooms, as well as a restaurant service, since this will make it easier for you to serve special clients.


Bariatric surgery Mexico is increasingly fashionable, and many patients who are going to perform this practice come from the United States. It is not a secret that there are many overweight patients who find in Mexico a good option to perform their surgeries, as they are of excellent quality and cheaper.

These patients find it easier to stay in Mexico for their recovery, and where will they seek to stay? In a hotel that has services for this type of customer!

In this case, the hotel chef must be prepared to help the patient follow a soft diet for at least 20 days, therefore, if you do the math, it will be an excellent deal!

Also, the client will tell others and soon you will see yourself making reservations, it is definitely an excellent business.


Hotels give excellent profitability 

If you own the land on which the hotel is located, you will have excellent earnings, especially during the high season, but if you offer good services, you will undoubtedly have the possibility of having clients throughout the year.


Now, little by little you can adapt the place to have more expensive differential rooms, with private bathroom, jacuzzi, etc. You can even count on rooms with themed decorations! You can’t imagine how this can help attract customers. The most requested hotels are those with a swimming pool or with an exit near the sea, in addition, the great thing is that in tourist sites customers usually only stay at night, which gives you a huge advantage, since they hardly consume services at all, and the income will be excellent!

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