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Entrepreneurship, A Difficult Decision

Un emprendedor se enfrenta a una decisión difícil cuando sostiene una bombilla que simboliza su puesta en marcha.

Starting a business is always going to be a very difficult decision to make, because it is not a sure thing. When we have a job, we know that we are going to earn a certain salary, never more, never less, and even though the salary we have may not be what we dream of earning, we know that it is something safe, we have benefits, insurance, etc. All this for practically the same amount of work per day, sometimes more, sometimes less, but all within a defined schedule. 

A person who decides to undertake does not have all these comforts, and although it is true that sometimes you can earn more, there will also be times when you run out of money. A person who undertakes does not have a defined schedule, has to be available almost all the time for your business, because you have to take care of everything and that is not easy. 

For this reason many people have doubts about whether to undertake or not, because really at first can become a very big sacrifice, however when a person focuses and tries to give everything in their business, if you do it the right way, all your effort will pay off and after a while your business will not need so much of it, of course this does not happen immediately, it takes years that this can be achieved, but the feeling is quite rewarding. 

One of the professions that you decide to undertake the most is the dentist in Tijuana, because Tijuana is one of the most known cities for dental tourism coming from the United States, which makes dental offices a very successful business. It is very different to be a dentist than to work in a dental office or to have your own dental office, obviously the earnings will be higher for the person who has his or her dental office or is a partner, most of the time, because as mentioned before, there will be times when the earnings will not be as good. 

The main reason why Americans come to Mexico, specifically to Tijuana, to have their dental work done is because it is much cheaper than doing it in their own country, they can save up to 70% on each dental treatment. And equally for dentists, it is a great gain, which allows them to have their own office, offer work to colleagues and also have their own profits. 

The same is true for many doctors who have their own offices and earn more than they would if they worked in a clinic or a hospital, but it is more common for a doctor to decide to do this when he has a specific specialty, because this way he can charge more for his services and people come to him because they know he is an expert in what he is dealing with. 

There are many other professions in which you can undertake, in fact today, any professional can undertake, even a person who did not study a degree can undertake, it is just a matter of having the desire and willingness to make the effort that this involves.

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